Leading Agricultural Company duly incorporated in Nigeria.
The Company is a co-production between Mexico and Nigeria.


It was born out of intensive collaboration (for more than seven years) between Mr. Jose Lugo, an accomplished Mexican agricultural entrepreneur, agribusiness policy developer (for the public as well as the private sectors), a social agronomist, as well as an irrigation expert/engineer in tropical zones and semi-arid regions, and Mr. Linus Mbah, a Europe-trained and accomplished Nigerian businessman committed to the development of start-up businesses, industry as well as to the development of markets for agricultural commodities in Europe and Nigeria.

Our two major shareholders bring to the table an aggregate expertise of over 30 years in agricultural financing, policy development (through very prominent high-level positions in their two countries' government entities), a successful record of entrepreneurship, agri-business development, irrigation systems developments, local and export markets development, solid business relationships and partnership with Israel, Europe, USA, and a never-ending hunger and appetite for success.

With almost no learning curve, M&M Agri can adapt its knowledge and technology to Nigerian agriculture and agri-business development due to its experience doing business successfully in the tropical and semi-arid regions of Mexico and Nigeria.


OUR POLICY for Project Development




Jose Lugo

CEO of GETMEX Africa Ltd

GETMEX Africa Ltd is a Nigerian Company which develops the entire agricultural value chain. Some of GETMEX projects include a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouses in Benin City with exportation to the United Kingdom the Netherlands, an on-going integrated large-scale farm (nearing completion) for Poultry, Aquaculture, Hydroponic Greenhouses, a Feed mill and a Composting facility. Mr. Lugo also doubles as the CEO of Rainmart S.A. DE C.V of Mexico and with more than 25 years of field Experience in Agribusiness, he has specialized in hydroponic technologies, primarily in the Humid Tropics, pressurized irrigation systems. He also pioneered the development of some landmark agriculture projects for open field cultivation, for instance +120,000 hectares of rice cultivation, 25,000 hectares of sugar cane - large scale integrated dairy and meat production program in Yucatan and Quintana Roo States, Large successful Government agric. projects - South-East Mexico. He also held several top Government positions as Federal Commissioner of Agriculture of the Federal Government of Mexico (for 10 years representing 3 major States), Public Finances and Budget Minister for the State of Quintana Roo (4 years) Minister of Agriculture for the Quintana Roo State (6 years) Bank Executive and head of the Agriculture Financial Affairs for a major bank in Mexico. ‚Äč

Linus Mbah

Managing Director of GETMEX Africa Ltd

Before now, he was the immediate past Vice Chairman of an Israeli Agri-business company (with offices in Israel & Nigeria) which develops and operates complex agricultural projects for both the public and private sector on turnkey and BOT basis. Some of their projects include Delta State agro-industrial park centered on diary and rice production. Before now he has served as pioneer Managing Director of many successful agric. companies including Wells Hosa greenhouse Farms with exports to Europe and the Middle East. He is very actively involved in agric. Commodities wholesale trading across the country hence his profound market knowledge and market access. From 2007-2009, Mr. Mbah was the Technical Adviser to the Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment where he was in charge of the development of agricultural commodities as well as opening export markets for agricultural products. He is trained in Nigeria, Switzerland and Germany in Business and Law where he also worked successfully in the development of pioneer Agro-processing businesses in a special economic zone between Germany, France and Luxemburg. He currently serves also as a Consultant with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture IITA, Ibadan for Business and Market Development.